SIG Combi

Packaging design
14 weeks Sponsored Project

Guided by Gerardo Harrera, Jini Zopf, and the SIG team
Team: Alex Hao, Andrea Hu, Dean Ichiriu, Lucy Hui, Yeeun Ahn
Redesigned as a personal project in 2022Jini Zopf

Reimagining Milk Carton

How can milk cartons evolve and develop into the variery of content and users?

Combi serie is a new set of carton design that aim so solve the needs of specific user groups. We studied 3 groups of users: High school student, middle age parent, uber drivers.

As the result, we crafted 4 unique packaging based on our research: Combi pouch, tilt, cup, and strap.

SIG is one of the world’s leading solution providers for the food and beverage industry within the field of carton packs and filling technology. Our customers in over 65 countries fill more than 10,000 products from over 50 product categories into SIG carton packs.

Combi Pouch

CombiPouch is a food packaging designed for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Combi Tilt

CombiTilt is a bulk item packaging designed for families.

Combi Cup

CombiCup is a yogurt packaging designed for sustainability purposes.
Structure design: Lucy Hui

Combi Strap

CombiStrip is a simple multi-pack designed to be sustainable yet provide eye-catching branding space.

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